Frédérique de Vignemont
BoSS (Body, Space, and the Self) research group

CNRS Research Director 
Deputy Director Institut Jean-Nicod, Paris
Philosophy scholar in residence, NYU/Paris
Executive editor of the Review of Philosophy and Psychology


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Cover for   Mind the Body

  • On bodily awareness
    • Mind the Body: An exploration of bodily self-awareness. Oxford University Press, 2018
    • Against phenomenal parsimony: a plea for bodily feelings. In A. Goldman and B. MacLaughlin (eds), Metaphysics and cognitive science. Oxford University Press.
    • The phenomenology of bodily ownership. In M. Guillot and M. Garcia-Carpintero (eds), The sense of mineness. Oxford University Press. Forthcoming
    • Agency and bodily ownership: The Bodyguard hypothesis. In F. de Vignemont and A. Alsmith (eds) The subject’s matter, MIT Press. 2017
    • with T. Makin and A. Faisal, Embodying Technology. Nature biomedical engineering, 2017
    • with A. Alsmith (ed). The Subject's Matter. MIT Press, 2017
  • On pain, touch, and interoception
    • Was Descartes right after all? An affective background for bodily awareness. In H. de Preester and M. Tsakiris. Interoception. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
    • Pain and touch. The Monist. 2017
    • The first-person in pain. In D. Bain and M. Brady (eds), Pain, Oxford University Press, forthcoming
    • With O. Massin (forthcoming), Unless I put my hand into his side, I will not believe. In The Rational Role of Perceptual Experience: Beyond Vision, edited by D. Gatzia & B. Broogard, Oxford University Press.
  • On social cognition  
    • Can I see your pain? An evaluativist model of pain perception. In J. Corns (ed), Routledge handbook of philosophy of pain, Routledge. 2017 
    • with P. Jacob, Vicarious experiences: perception, mirroring or imagination? In Routledge handbook of the social mind, edited by J. Kiverstein. 2017

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