Class Dues


Class Dues


In lieu of an annual school fund-raiser, class dues have become a standard practice for classes at Fuquay-Varina High School. Class dues help each class pay for homecoming week activities, special class events, quarterly award celebrations, Cultural Arts programs, prom, and graduation activities and materials.


Each class has chosen to assess themselves a modest fee for class dues currently $20.00 to fund their class activities. The school has agreed to help each class with the equitable collection of class dues by withholding school privileges (parking, off-campus lunch, prom admittance, etc.) from students who have not paid their dues. In this arrangement, each class has been assigned an account kept in our local school funds, and expenses for the class are paid from this account upon the approval of the class officers and their sponsor. In this manner, classes may purchase supplies and otherwise plan effectively for their activities.


Class dues payments are due at the beginning of the year and can be paid on line, or in person at the main office or Attendance office in the form of certified checks, money orders, and cash. No personal checks are accepted. Please make all certified checks or money orders payable to “FVHS.”


NOTE: The amount of dues/fees owed by the student is posted on the student’s SPAN account.