Attendance and Tardies

Student Attendance

Attendance in school is central to educational achievement and school success.  School attendance is required by state law for all children between the ages of seven (7) and sixteen (16).  Parents must ensure that students attend and remain in school daily. 

The principal must assure adherence to attendance rules and regulations and notify parents of their responsibility under the compulsory attendance law.  The teacher must monitor and report student absences on a daily basis and follow all rules and regulations concerning attendance.



To be counted present a student must be in attendance at least one-half of the student school day.  This shall include attendance at official school activities at a place other than school with the approval of the principal.  A student shall be in his/her assigned area at the beginning of the school day and the beginning of each class or be recorded as tardy.

To be counted present:
        1.    A student must be present for at least half of a class period to be counted present for that period.                                          

  2.  A student must be present for at least 2 class periods to be counted present for the day. 

A student absence is EXCUSED in the following exist:

1.      Illness or injury which makes the student physically unable to attend school.

2.      Quarantine as ordered the State Board of Health or Wake County Health Department.

3.      Death in family.

4.      Medical, dental or other appointments with a health care provider for the student or for a child for whom the student is a custodial parent. (Proof of visit is required.)

5.      Court when a student is under subpoena.

6.      Religious observance as suggested by the religion of the student or the student’s parents.

7.      Participation in a valid educational opportunity, such as travel with prior approval as documented on the “Request for Excused Absence for Educational Reasons.”

8.      A catastrophic event or natural disaster.


Religious observance and educational opportunity requests require approval in advance.  Form 1710 must be completed and submitted in advance.  NOTE:  up to 3 days only may be approved by the Principal.  The days requested are still recorded as absences and count toward exam exemptions for Seniors.

Absences not classified as excused above are unexcused.  The student is responsible for submitting a note signed by the parent citing the reason for an absence to the principal’s designee within 2 days of the student’s return to school.  Failure to comply with the above will result in the absence being unexcused period.

Parent Notification:  The principal’s designee will notify parents when a student has accumulated the following absences from individual classes at 5 days, 7 days, and 10 days in a semester long course.  The principal’s designee will notify parents when a student has accumulated the following absences from individual classes at 5 days, 7 days, and 15 days in a year long course.


Make Up Work:  Excessive absences will have serious academic consequences and may result in class or grade level failure.

For all absences, the student shall make up all work in a timely manner at a mutually agreed upon time and date by the teacher and student.  The makeup work may be specific material missed by the student, reinforcement, or enrichment period.


Excessive Absences: Absences are considered excessive when students exceed 7 days in a semester or 15 in a yearlong class.  Students must demonstrate mastery of material in a class based on a teacher’s evaluation of student learning on the following criteria:

1.      Knowledge of the curriculum of the class as defined by the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.

2.      Prompt and successful completion of coursework the student missed while absent.  This may include after school or lunch time study sessions with a teacher.


Student (Unexcused) Absences:

1.      Absences for which notes have not been submitted within 2 days of the student’s return to school will be counted as an unexcused absence.


2.      Credit or make up work following an unexcused absence will be determined by the teacher. 


Students who skip or otherwise fail to attend all scheduled classes regularly are possibly subject to immediate disciplinary action.

Attendance For Seniors and Exam Exemptions 

Seniors with: 

·         3 or fewer absences with an A average

·         2 or fewer absences with a B average

·         1 or fewer absences with a C average

will not be required to take the final exam in that class unless the final exam is the state-mandated End-of–Course exam or Elements Exam.

NOTE:  Any unexcused absence in a class will result in a Senior having to take the Final Exam in that class. 

A College Visitation Day is excused when the Senior provides the prior approval form 1710 and proper documentation of the visit period. However, the day(s) absent for a college visit are still recorded as absences and count toward exam exemptions for Seniors.


The school reserves the right to require a student to sit for final exams. 



The term “tardy” will be defined as being late to school, class or an activity, with or without permission of parent/guardian.


It is critically important to remember that FVHS students are expected to arrive on time to school and to all classes everyday. Students who are tardy to school or class face a full range of disciplinary consequences. (see pg. 11 for consequences)

1.      Students who arrive after 7:20 am or who leave before 2:18 pm must check in or out at the Attendance Office or face disciplinary action.

2.      Students who are 20 or more minutes late to class without a valid note, stating the reason(s) may be counted absent.

3.      Students out of class must be in possession of a valid hall pass or face disciplinary action for skipping class.

4.      Students who use their off-campus lunch permit are required to return to the campus each day; failure to do so regardless of the reason, may result in revocation of the off-campus lunch permit.


Excuses for tardiness to school are issued only for students tardy due to being a passenger on a late bus.

Tardy Sweeps

It is important for students and parents to be aware of the Tardy Policy for Fuquay-Varina High School.  Late arrivals disrupt the learning atmosphere for all students in a classroom.  Tardy sweeps are conducted every day by staff.

Students are expected to comply with the Tardy Policy everyday of the school year.  Students who are in violation of the Tardy Policy will be subject to consequences, which will be consistently and equitably enforced by all teachers and administrators.

Any student out of class without a valid pass from a teacher will immediately be directed to an administrator. The administrator will review the student’s tardy record and apply consequences according to the chart below.



Tardy Count

Tardy Consequences

1st tardy referral


2nd tardy referral


3rd tardy referral


4th tardy referral

One day ASD.

5th tardy referral

ASD (2 days) to begin the next day and/or loss of off-campus lunch privileges. Conference with Administrator; Parent contact

6th tardy referral

ASD (3 days) to begin the next day and/loss of off-campus lunch privileges. Conference with Administrator; Parent contact.

7th tardy referral or more

ISS assigned for the following day and Conference with Administrator; Parent contact.

8th tardy referral or more

Parent Conference /Administrator contract.  1 day ISS.

9th tardy referral or more

Additional administrator action, which may include OSS