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2017 Fort Students in Olympia - Maria Hernandez and Luna Garcia
2017 State Bowling - Bailey Peters and Maddie Durr
2017 District Bowling - Bailey Peters and Maddie Durr
2017 Alumni Collect Donations - Trappers4Trappers
2016 Transformation - Miracle Alford-Lewis
2016 Determined to Succeed - Miracle Alford-Lewis
2016 MECha Mural - Diversity, Unity and Vibrant Colors
2016 Distinguished Alumni - Trapper4Trappers
2016 Asia Society - Preparing for the World
2016 Welding Students - Help Out Pearson Center
2016 Softball and Golf - Rachelle Bonneville and Kiana Coburn
2016 Hello Vancouver - Ben Jatos and Fort Students
2016 Springtime Theater - Kids Take the Stage
2016 All-Star Coach - Dennis Carline
2016 Cup of Joe - Tony Jacobs
2016 Medical Mission - Makena Kerr
2016 Marshall Award Nominees Announced - Autumn Beck
2016 Day of Service - Global Youth ServiceDay
2016 State Championship -  Spencer Tibbits
2016 Day After Report - Teams Come Together
2016 FVHS Distinguished Alumni - Trappers4Trappers
2016 ESD Regional Art Show - Mariah McDonald
2016 Wrestling With Bigger Issues - Trapper Team Improves
2016 Praises Sung - Tony Jacobs Sings throughout the Hallways
2016 Brain Surgery - FVHS Students Observe Surgery
2016 Love of Hoops - A.J.Yosuo
2015 Cross Country - Emily Phelps, Star of the Day
2015 Cross Country - Emily Phelps, Star of the Day
2015 Cross Country - Emily Phelps, Star of the Day
2015 Golf - Tibbets, Gruher Top District Golf, Day 1
2015 FVHS - Friday Night Lights
Alumni - Class of '75 Donates to CIS Travel Fund
2015 FVHS Teachers - Rivard Finalist
2015 FVHS Teachers - Rivard Teacher of the Year Nominee
2015 FVHS Teachers - Rivard Honored
2015 Football - Growing Fort's Game
Alumni - Class of '43 Donation
Alumni - Baseball Celebrates its Past and Future
2015 Football - Fort's Bishop Gaining New Ground
2015 Leadership - Trust Announces Leadership Nominees

2015 Girls Basketball - YiMai Kerr, Basketball Still in the Game
2015 Baseball - Jacob Brugman, Brugman Shows How it's Done
2015 Day of Service - Diverse Group Plants Trees
2015 Girls Bowling - Lauryn Heying, All Region Girls Bowling
2015 Unified Basketbal- Daniel Barich, Authentic Competition
2015 Girls Basketball - YiMei Kerr, Basketball More than Just a Game
2015 Girls Bowling - Lauryn Heying, Athlete of the Week
2015 Girls Bowling - Fort Vancouver's Lauryn Heying Bowls to 2nd in State 
2015 Day of Service - Diverse Group of Volunteers Plant Trees
2015 Center for International Studies - Diversity in Action at Fort Vancouver
2015 Center for International Studies - Official to Visit Fort Vancouver
2015 Girls Bowling - Tamika Taylor, Athlete of the Week Nominee
2015 Girls Bowling - Baker Games Give High School Bowlers Excitement
2014 Boys Basketball - Inspired Fort squad knocks off Evergreen
2014 Girls Basketball - Fort 40, Hudson's Bay 36
2014 Football - Jacob Brugman, Fall Preview
2014 Football - Angel Bonilla, Season Opens
2014 Golf - Spencer Tibbets, Fall Preview
2014 Welding Magnet -Welding students spark new skills
2014 Boys Golf - Spencer Tibbets
2014 Girls Tennis - Angelina Polina, Tennis
2014 FVHS Teachers - Rivard andFamily Visit the President
2014 Girls Wrestling- Lisa Spangler, All-Region Team
2014 Boys Basketball - New Head Coach
2014 Softball - Season Preview
2014 Football - New Head Coach
2014 Basketball
- Tre Eisenhut, All-Region Honorable Mention
2014 Bowling
- Lauryn Heying, All-Region Bowling Team
2014 Softball -
Sydney Brugman and Rachelle Bonneville, Season Preview
2014 Governor Visits - Insless Vists Fort 
2014 Basketball - Tre Eisenhunt, Athlete of the Week Winner
2014 Bowling - Tamika Taylor, Athlete of the Week Nominee
2013 Golf - Spencer Tibbits District Golf Champion
2013, Golf - Spencer Tibbits, Athlete of the Week Nominee
2013 Football - Football Pre-season Notes
2013 Football - Lisa Spangler 
2013 Football
- Lisa Spangler - ESPN

2013 AVID - FVHS Students Get Early College Admission
2012 Football - A Big Step up
2011 Football - Pioneer at Fort
2011 FVHS Teachers - Teacher Earns Honors
2011 - FVHS Medical Magnet Students meet Professionals
2010 - FVHS Wins Recycling Honors
2010 - Two FVHS Students Make a High-Tech Splash

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2015 Golf - Spencer Tibbets, 3rd time 3A District Golf Champion 
3A GSHL All-League Spring 2015 Teams: Baseball, First Team – Jacob Brugman; 2nd Team - Oscar Rodriguez; Softball, Honorable Mention – Kallie Bonneville and Mikaela Sanchez; Soccer, 1st team – Jorge Diaz Flores, Jorge Regalado, Cody Naranjo, and Leviu Croitor; 2nd Team – Pablo Alvarado-Rojas, Juan Alejandro Estrada and Payton Laplante; Honorable Mention – Brandon Zamudio, Baboucarr Touray, and Humberto Garcia; Tennis, Doubles Team of the Year – Emma Nellor and Selorm Tamakloe; First Team Singles – Angelina Polina; Golf, First Team – Bridget Standard. 
2015 FFA - 1st in the Practicum Competition at Sedro Wooley - Alexis Taylor, Chrisianna Nave, Tyrah Keith, John Rauda, Miles Morgan and Yafet Ghebretensae. 
SkillsUSA Competition – Web Design Gold Medals - Jayden Richards and Brett Young; Pin Design and T-shirt Design Gold Medals – Jayden Richards. Both qualify for state competition. 
2015 Gymnastics - McKenna Kerr and Amber Evans qualify for State. 
3A GSHL All-League Winter 2014-15 Teams: Basketball, First Team – Jordan Suell; 2nd Team - Will Doty; Wrestling, 2nd Team - Duncan Crawford; Gymnastics, Honorable Mention – McKenna Kerr, bars and floor; Bowling, 1st team – Lauryn Heying, 2nd Team – Tamika Taylor and Maddi Durr, Coach of the Year – Julie Pagel; Boys Swimming, 2nd Team – Brett Young, 500 free. 
2015 Basketball - Jordon Suell, All Region 2nd Team 
2015 Bowling - Lauryn Heying, All Region Team 
2015 Trapper Unified - 2nd in District 
2015 Bowling - Laurn Heying 2nd in State 
2014-2015 Bowling - 3rd in District: Lauryn Heying, Tamika Taylor, Hayley Wakefield, Maddi Durr, Natalyia Hopkins, LaQuoya Tyler and Emma Nellor (alternate). 
2015 Bowling: Tamika Taylor nominated for Winter Athlee of the Week 
3A GSHL All-League Fall 2014 Teams: Golf, Golfer of the year - Spencer Tibbits, First Team - Trent Standard; Soccer, 2nd Team - Joelle Bucher, Haley Hanns, and Sydney Brugman, Honorable Mention - Liya Savachka and Yemei Kerr; Volleyball, 2nd Team - Helen Angulo, Honorable Mention – Ivana Angel and Emma Nellor, Coach of the Year – Dennis Carline; Football, 1st Team offense - David Bishop and Jacob Brugman, 1st Team Defense - Jordan Suell; 2nd Team Offense - Jordan Suell, and Duncan Crawford; 2nd Team Defense - Jacob Brugman and Jorge Regalado Swimming, Coach of the Year – Cheryl Wolf. 
2014 Track - District: Marquis Taylor, 4th 400m, Karen Nguyen, 2nd 100m, 3rd 400m, Oleg Korin 5th Pole Vault, Molly DeLeo 5th in Shot Put, 800m Relay Team 3rd, Bi-district Qualifiers - Karen Nguyen, Cheyenne Anderson, Ruby Garcia, Amy Rushworth, and Marquis Taylor; Karen Nguyen 5th 400m @ Bi-District; State Qualifier 400 meters. 
2014 Tennis - Angelina Polina, 2nd District Singles, Emma Nellor and Selorm Tamakloe, 4th place District Doubles; Angelina Polina 3rd @ Bi-districts and State Qualifier. 
3A GSHL Spring 2014 All-League Teams: Softball, 2nd Team - Sydney Brugman, SS; Baseball , 2nd Team - Matt Hossner, DH; Boys Soccer, 1st Team - Trong Nguyen, def; 2nd Team - Jorge Regalado, mid, Konnor Laplante, def, Honorable Mention - Edwinn Duran and Eric Perez; Girls Tennis, 1st Team - Angelina Polina, singles, Emma Nellor and Selorm Tamakloe, doubles. 
2014 George C. Marshall Youth Leadership Award Winner - Jose Scott; Finalists - ronesha Hayes and Jenin Reyes. 
Basketball - Tre Eisenhut, All-Region Honoralble Mention 
2013-14 Bowling - Lauryn Heying, All-Region Bowling Team 
3A GSHL Winter 2013-14 All-league Teams: 1st Team- Tre Eisenhut; 2nd Team – Will Doty; Gymnastics – Richard Samuels, Coach of the Year; Bowling, 1st Team – Lauryn Heying.  
2013-14 Girls Wrestling - Lisa Spangler, 4th Place at State, All-Region Team  
2013-14 Boys Wrestling - Oleg Korin, State Qualifier  
2013-14 Gymnastics - Makena Kerr, State Qualifier  
2013-14 Bowling - Lauryn Heying, 10th at State  
2013-14 Bowling - 4th at State, Team Members: Lauryn Heying,Tamika Taylor, Hayley Wakefield, Christina Patterson, Natalya Hopkins, Maddison Durr, Rose Anderson, and manager Nick Bruketta, coaches Julie Pagel, Lindsay Thompson and Barb Burdan.  
2014 Bowling - Tamika Taylor, Athlete of the Week Nominee  
2014 Bowling - TamikaTaylor, 2nd at 3A Districts  
Bowling - 2nd in 3A District 
2014 Basketball - Tre Eisenhut, Athlete of the Week Winner  
3A GSHL Fall 2013 All-league Teams: Football, 1st Team - OL: Ala Tulenkun, DB: Marquis Taylor; 2nd Team - QB: Jordan Suell, TE: Jacob Brugman, WR: Marquis Taylor, DL: Ranger Cheipot, LB: Ala Tulenkun, DB: Jordan Suell, PK: Baba Decka, and A/KR: Marquis Taylor. Volleyball, Honorable Mention - Jazelle Wyatt-Dixon and Emma Nellor; Soccer, 2nd Team - MID: Katelyn James, DEF: Katelyn James, and GK: Sydney Brugman. Cross Country, 1st Team - Katy Parker. Golf, 1st Team - Spencer Tibbits and Trent Standard; Honorable Mention - Nick Gorham; Player of the Year - Spencer Tibbits; Coach of the Year - Mike Witkowski.  
Football Peace Pipe Victory, 2013  
2013 Golf - Spencer Tibbits District Golf Champion , 2014 State Champion  
2013 Golf - Spencer Tibbits, Athlete of the Week Nominee 
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