FV History 1980-1985

                                                                                        FV History In The Early '80s

                                                                                             By: Jarrett Frawley

        Much development took place in Fuquay Varina around the 1980s. Throughout this decade the population grew to 4562 residents. Though seen more throughout the 1980s was the economic development, which was characterized by more secondary and tertiary businesses. Some of these businesses include; Tyco electronics, which was a telecom company that established in 1981. Another company that was established was Guillford fibers, which produced polyester yarn, this business was establish in 1985. The establishment of these companies is what as lead to Fuquay's success as a town due to its increase of jobs and increase in the economic develop of Fuquay Varina.



 Tyco electronics telecom building in Fuquay Varina