Formal Verification of Autonomous Vehicles Workshop 

19 September 2017

University of Turin, Italy

co-located with iFM 2017


The first workshop in the Formal Verification of Autonomous Vehicles series will be held in conjunction with the 13th International Conference on integrated Formal Methods (iFM 2017). Formal Verification of Autonomous Vehicles 2017 will be held as a one-day workshop in Turin, Italy right before the iFM 2017 conference on 19 September 2017.


The concept of autonomy is increasingly used in vehicles of all kinds, from planes to cars. Furthermore, the degree of autonomy in these vehicles is escalating, e.g., from driver assistance systems in cars which may only act in specific situations to fully autonomous cars. Due to this increase and the potential risk involved, the correct functionality of autonomous vehicles (AV) is of utmost importance. This includes both the absence of unwanted behaviour (safety), as well as ensuring that vehicles perform wanted actions (liveness).

Current methods for verification of AVs' decisions and control systems are predominantly simulation and testing based approaches. However, performing simulation and testing even on a large set of scenarios might not cover corner cases. Formal verification guarantees that such corner cases are explored in all possible ways and is hence inevitable for AVs to become a widespread technology. Advancing the current formal verification methodologies for autonomous vehicles presents significant new challenges, particularly due to the complex integration of discrete and continuous controllers of AVs. The main challenges associated with the formal design of autonomous vehicles includes modeling, specification, verification and synthesis.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers from the formal verification community that are developing formal methods for autonomous vehicles as well as researchers working, e.g., in the area of control theory or robotics, interested in applying verification techniques for designing and developing of autonomous vehicles.