Research Outputs

Here we list some papers (in order of appearance) on the topic of GMT somewhat broadly construed. 

1.  A. Di Nola and G. Gerla. Fuzzy models of first-order languages, Zeitschrift für 

Mathematische Logik und Grundlagen der Mathematik 32 (19-24): 331-340 (1986).

2. R. Belohlavek. Model theory for fuzzy logic in the foundations of soft computing2000 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, vol. 5, pp. 3635-3640 (2000).

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4.  P. Murinová and V. Novák. Omitting types in fuzzy logic with evaluated syntaxMathematical Logic Quarterly 52 (3): 259-268 (2006).

5. A. Di Nola, G. Georgescu, and L. Spada. Forcing in Lukasiewicz predicate logicStudia Logica 89(1):111-145 (2008).

6. P. Cintula, F. Esteva. J. Gispert, L. Godo, F. Montagna and C. Noguera. Distinguished  algebraic semantics for t-norm based fuzzy logics: Methods and algebraic equivalencesAnnals of Pure and Applied Logic 160: 53-81 (2009).

7. Dellunde, P. y Esteva, F. On elementary extensions in Fuzzy Predicate LogicsLecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 6178, Dortmund, pp. 747-756 (2010).

8. P. Dellunde. Preserving mappings in fuzzy predicate logicsJournal of Logic and Computation22(6): 1367-1389 (2011).

9. P. Dellunde. Revisiting ultraproducts in fuzzy predicate logicsJournal of Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computing 19(1):95-108 (2012).

10. P. Dellunde and F. Esteva. On elementary equivalence in fuzzy predicate logicsArchives of Mathematical Logic52: 1-17 (2013).

11.  X. Caicedo and J. Iovino. Omitting uncountable types and the strength of [0,1]-valued   logicsAnnals of Pure and Applied Logic, 165: 1169-1200 (2014).

12.  P. Dellunde. Applications of ultraproducts: from compactness to fuzzy elementary classes. Logic Journal of the IGPL, 22 (1): 166-180 (2014).

13.  P. Cintula and C. Noguera. A Henkin-style proof of completeness for first-order     algebraizable logics. Journal of Symbolic Logic 80: 341-358 (2015).

14.  V. Costa and P. Dellunde. On Free Models for Horn Classes over Predicate Fuzzy Logics, 18th International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence (2015).

15. P. Dellunde, A. García-Cerdaña and C. Noguera. Löwenheim-Skolem theorems for non-classical first-order algebraizable logicsLogic Journal of the IGPL , 24 (3): 321-345 (2016).

16. V. Costa and P. Dellunde. On the existence of free models in fuzzy universal Horn classesJournal of Applied Logic, 233-15 (2017). 

17.  X. Caicedo. Maximality of continuous logic. In: Beyond first order model theory,   Chapman   & Hall (2017).

18.  V. Costa and P. Dellunde. Term models of Horn clauses over Rational Pavelka Predicate Logic, IEEE International Symposium on multiple-Valued Logic, pp. 112-117 (2017).

19. R. Horcik, T. Moraschini, and A. Vidal. An Algebraic Approach to Valued Constraint Satisfaction, in Valentin Goranko and Mads Dam (editors),  26th EACSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic (CSL 2017), Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics, vol. 82, pp 1-20, Schloss Dagstuhl--Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, Dagstuhl, Germany, (2018). 

20.  P. Dellunde, A. García-Cerdañ and C. Noguera. Back-and-forth systems for first order fuzzy logics, Fuzzy Sets and Systems, to appear.

21. G. Badia and C. Noguera. Saturated models in mathematical fuzzy logic, Proceedings of the IEEE ISMVL 2018, to appear. 

22. G. Badia  and C. Noguera. Fraisse classes of graded relational structures, Theoretical Computer Science, to appear.

23. G. Badia, V. Costa, P. Dellunde and C. Noguera. Syntactic characterizations of classes of first order structures in mathematical fuzzy logic, submitted.

24. P. Cintula and D. Diaconescu. Omitting Types Theorem for Fuzzy Logics, submitted.



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