Graded Model Theory (GMT)  is concerned with the general study of the construction and classification of  graded structures. Graded structures appear in the semantics of predicate graded logics as well as in Fuzzy Class Theory. GMT is an area of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic that has started to receive increasing attention in recent years.  This line of research was  begun (in a systematic way)  by a paper of Petr Hájek and Petr Cintula in the Journal of Symbolic Logic in 2006. 

In GMT, formulas can be used to classify graded structures, maps between such structures and subsets of elements of said structures. The construction part of GMT is related to the classification part because many times we want to find ways of constructing structures with certain properties expressible by formulas. A programme for the development of GMT has been put forward by Pilar Dellunde. This website is devoted to track research done in this area and the people involved in it.