The Bearhawk is a 4 seat experimental aircraft designed by Bob Barrows. Basically, you buy the plans and start making parts!

The Bearhawk is one of the few affordable 4 seat options out there and has become quite popular.  As a result there are quite a few resources out there including:

The Bearhawk site where you can by kits and parts and The Mississippi Mudbug Site. 

There are tons of others, but I am too lazy to make the page or keep the links updated!  The creator of the Mudbug site maintains the Yahoo forum for Bearhawk and produces a very informative builder manual.  Check them out!

This website will serve as my builder log and hopefully serve to inform the next builder a little bit like all of the build sites that I have looked at as I am trying to figure out what to do.  I don't intend to keep track of building hours, so I won't have any idea how long this thing actually took to build so I will just have rough time periods that different portions of construction took. 

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