All about Palm TX. 

TX should be Tungsten X.  Heard there will be TX2 (19 Oct 2006).


CPU: 312 MHz XScale (ARM) cpu.

This cpu model PXA270 group under Intel PXA27x series. It is the third generation of the Intel PXA series XScale CPU, PXA210/PXA25x, PXA26x and PXA27x. The PXA27x series build with wireless and speedstep technology.

PXA27x base on ARM V5te architecture, which include the 'thumb' code (refer to code denstity).

This PXA270 cpu do not have a floating point unit, 100MHz bus.

TX came with non-volatile ROM, means when the device is out of battery, the data never lost. Drawback of it is, the access time to the ROM is slower, lower down the respond time for the device.

Weight 150g, is a bit heave for me as a portable device, I am expecting something around 100g. 

Palm Vx is 115g, Z22 is 95g.


The device don't not have a build in mic, some hacker able to modified the device to install a build in mic. If you do not want to void the warranty, you can install an external mic module. The pre-install software doesn't came with audio recording software, but you can copy the program from LiveDrive and Tungsten T5(?), the software will work. I suspect the audio will work with a bluetooth earset as well.

Bluetooth phone support

Some Nokia and Motorol (Razr V3) phone don't support full function with TX.

There is a compatible bluetooth phone list from, you might need to update the software on the Palm TX. 

Palm can connect to a mobile device using Bluetooth, it provide a SMS application to send and download sms through the phone. Too bad, the supported Bluetooth phone devices are very limited (checklist here). 

Take an example, the Sony Ericsson M600i (which compatible with P9xx series) is listed with limited support, in another word you are not able to retrieve and send sms for this phone. You can try to configure the phone using generic GSM phone, but this doesn't work on M600i.

The software update and support for the phone link software is poor.

Bluetooth Audio

Bluetooth stereo ear phone support (A2DP) 


Enterprise security update, for Palm TX.




Take a look at Palm software

Pro and cons


Palm backlight is always not working fine, I experience it since Vx. You could hardly see it in the dark. TX is worse, it was too bright in the dark (even I adjust it to the lowest level), certainly not bright enough under a bright sunlight (may be this is a color screen problem), I could hardly see the display in outdoor.

The touch screen is too sensitive, you click once but some times it was detected as twice, like when you try to scroll and write with graffiti (detected as dot). 

The Graffiti2 is mess up, it don't detect writing properly, the double stroke writing is too slow (eg. 'T'). Sometimes I write a space, but detected as 'n' or 'm' .

Palm OS 5 is not stable, not to mention is lack for multitasking capability. 

Synchronization could be slow on Mac OS X Palm Desktop (version 4.0).

The system doesn't know how to auto switch off under certain condition (eg. there is an alert, but not acknowledged), it will drain the system power totally, within just a few hours. A good example is access to the browser, when it was not able to connect to the internet, it will prompt an error message.