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This is a high end business phone, surprisingly without a camera. Is running Symbian 9.1 + UIQ 3.x.

Hardware spec


Doesn't support by  


freetype support


M600i compatible with P990 and W950, refer here. P910 is not compatible with M600i/P990, because P910 is UIQ 2.0, and M600i is UIQ 3.0.


For Contact, Calendar, Note, use more - backup.

For SMS, need a software(?)

Hardware problem

The build in speaker volume is too low. If you use it for playing musics, it sounds good, but the ring tone volume are just too low, in door it sounds ok, but you could hardly hear the ring tone when you are outdoor, even you increase it to the highest volume.

The style break easily, this is a common problem. This cause the stylus can't clip tightly into the mobile device.

The stylus  is  just too small  to  be hold  on  hand.

Software problem 


No smart contact search. It start searching from the first alphabet of Last name, you couldn't start searching from the middle if the name.  Normally smart search can search any part of the contact name, even using their initial eg. JS will give you John Smith.

Display of a contact photo need a photo with higher resolution than 320x240 for best display, photo which is smaller than that will be resize to a bigger size, and it will looks ugly. 

User interface

M600i came will a big display with touch screen capabilities, but the UIQ design expect you to use the stylus at all time, by using the stylus means you can operate the device with single hand.

When operating the M600i, you will need the stylus, jog dial, keypad or touch the screen with your finger, normally is a mix of all these sections, switching between different type of operate style is really troublesome.

Software keyboard too small. If you think software keyboard are too small on most hand held device like Palm, the software keyboard on M600i is even smaller. Can anyone make a better device?

Need to close background application manually, or system will run out of resources. The system will reboot itself to clear all running process, when is out of resource. This should be the OS problem, not the hardware device itself.


No profile support eg. General, outdoor, meeting. If you are a Nokia user, you know what I mean.