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Date: 23 Jan 2008

A cheap light-weight sub-notebook, good for carrying around and surf net.

There is a few model for 4G series, to differentiate 4G or 4G surf, 4G surf without web cam.

Price: RM1299 (very competitive price)

(upgrade to 1G ram, add another RM100) 


7" display, 0.9kg, Intel Celeron-M 900Mhz cpu, 512Mb ram, 4G data storage, no CD/DVD Rom drive, must use external. 

The CPU is a Intel Celeron-M ULV 353, capable to run at 900Mhz, but clock down to run at 600Mhz (to save power?). ULV 353 is one of lowest power consumption CPU at 5W (normally at about 27W). 


Linux (Xandros). Is a customize version, boot up very fast, no need to detect hardware. Some system log has been removed, to prevent frequent write to the flash (because flash life span depends on how frequent you write to the flash, much shorter compare with hard disk).

EeePC use ext2/ext3 and UnionFS, it keep an original copy of the system, it can be recover by pressing F9. The storage has been split into 2 parts, 1 for official system storage, another for user system upgrade, if you need to update the official system storage, you may need xepc.

Asus offical launch Windows XP version on 5 Mar 2008.

There are people tried install Mac OS X (Tiger), but not completely working yet. Like wifi and sound still not working.


Wifi, ethernet network, 3 USB port,  but no bluetooth and modem.


Media player, support AVI, Divx format. Real not working, install real player for Linux or use real codec (read here).

Skype. The original Skype software don't support web cam? try here.


Cheap and light weight.


3 hours battery life is quite short for a portable device. Keyboard is too small, very difficult to type.

System upgrade

use third party eeepc xandros repository, here.


Asus release the SDK for Eeepc on 31 April 2008, it can be found here or sourceforge.

Mobile internet

Should work with Asus T500 data model, not sure about Hwawei E220.


Twinhead has a E-10 notebook very similar to Asus. Price about RM1799, using AMD Geode LX 800 cpu. According to the website, the LX 800 consure less power than the Intel Celeron-M ULV 353, but the E10 has a shorter battery life (2 hrs) compare with EeePC (3 hrs) (need to be confirmed).

HP launch a UMPC notebook at 7 April, HP Compaq 2133, 8.9", 1.2kg, higher resolution screen, more expensive compare with EeePC. 


EeePC official site, forum 

非官方 Blog 

GPRS support.


EeePC 9-inch version

Recent Asus show a 9-inch version in CeBIT, refer to engadget.

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