DST on Windows XP problem

To solve the problem, access DST from Windows XP machine. 

If you are using Windows XP and you can't see the 3 real-time quote button display on the DST system, most likely the problem is Windows XP do not have java installed.

 Due to a dispute of Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, Microsoft (Java) Virtual Machine no loger included as a standard in Windows (XP) operating system. If you have service pack 1, you may have java installed. If you have service pack 1a, again you may have the java problem.

The following document tell you to determine, install and enable java in your browser on XP.

Q. Which version of XP I am using?

A. Right click on My Computer icon (normally is on the desktop), and select properties from the drop down menu. A dialog box will be display:

It will show the Windows XP version.

Q. How do I install java plugins into my browser?

A.  Test your java here. You should use java 1.3, download from here.

You can try automatically install java, or install java from java.sun.com , click on Download under Download J2SE.


Q. How to make sure java is enabled in the browser?

A. Microsoft Internet Explorer (v6)

Clickon Menu, Tools, Internet Option, a dialog box will be display, click on the Advanced tab, scroll down until you see the Java option, the check box must be tick:-

Firefox (v1.5)

To check your update firefox version, click here.

Input about:plugins in url box, make sure java plugins is enable: