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I like open source, including Linux, FireFox and many other open source software. You can visit my blog at blogger.

I like Apple computer (now Apple Inc.) and their product, eg. Mac OS X, iPod

I have create a page on How to install java on XP browser.

I collect some pda link, I am a Palm PDA user, I still prefer Palm than Sony Ericsson M600i PDA phone. I found the new Asus EeePC very interesting.


These are the website that I like to visit:-


Google search engine. Everything you start, start from search.


CNet Taiwan, one or two days later than cnet (US), it has a mobile version too.


TechCrunch  is a very popular blog about technology news, especially internet web company. It started by Michael Arrington. I write technology blog as well, and this is the different.

Digg  is a news website subscribed and rated by readers and users community. I use to visit slashdot /. but now I prefer Digg.


I use Yahoo! Mail, but now I switch to gmail, is faster and easier to use. Even if Yahoo! Mail launch its Yahoo! Mail beta (Ajax) and unlimited! (Yes! unlimited) email storage, I will not switch back, until I found something much better and impressive.

Flickr. Out of so many photo sharing website, I still prefer flickr. Is easier to use, and more fun to share photo on it. I have stop uploading photos until I upgraded to a pro account.

meebo is a web base instant messenger, which support ICQ, MSN, Yahoo messenger and Google Talk. Recently they upgrade to a newer version, but I prefer the older version, which is not available from in hereanymore.

Please do not forget to check my bookmark on delicious.

Those old link is still here: 

e 天下 MyPalmLifeOnline radio and podcasting
Palm is Life on flickr  and forum

Bluetooth info

Palm TX  external mic module

Unicode 補完計劃 forum

shadows.com, recommended by dave, group website by user self define tag

Malaysia news (Chinese), merdekareview.com 

Google Davinci Code

firefox promotion firefoxflicks and iedestroyertop 10 )


Research on chinese Ming and Sung font. 

risumfiriri palm website.


Blogs I read

From delicious. It will be updated from time to time.

My collection

Palm TX  (hardware, software and accessaries)

Embedded development (mainly opensource)

What you can do with Malaysia online

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