Reminder:  The structure of the Region 7 Coaches education and athlete training program has changed  (as of Nov. 2016) and all former program's dealing with Future Stars, coaches education, and athlete training opportunities will now be lead by Richard Pulsfort- Region 7 Chairman.  Please direct your inquiries to your State Director or Regional Director.  It was a pleasure directing this program for the past 13 yrs and I wish all of the athletes and coaches (former and current) the best of luck in all of their future endeavors.
--Coach Phill

Scores and results are posted on National Testing Page

Photos are posted...go to Prep Camp II page
(If you have any great photos from camp, please pass them along and they will be included here and archived with years past Future Stars Photos.)

Future Stars

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Future Stars Iceland Training Event Photos
This summer the Future Stars boy's were invited to participate in a "road trip" to Iceland for a "Friendly" training camp and travel experience.  Four current and former Future Stars athletes, and two other aspiring athletes took the plunge and went on this journey.  The training was intense, the fun was FUN, and the experience provided many memories to savor.  We spent over 10 days training and exploring in Iceland working in 3 different WORLD CLASS training facilities, sharing our training and talent with the aspiring clubs of Gerpla, Armann, and Fjolnir of Iceland.  Our host was Gerpla where the boys lodged family style, cooking their own meals, swimming at the HOT pools during breaks and enjoying the company of each other and the Iceland athletes....Check out the video below put together by Al Shamah, the father of one of the athletes who traveled with us and provided great assistance during our adventure.

Iceland Adventure

Photos and Videos from Future Stars Woodward Week 2016
For the past couple of years, Woodward has provided the opportunity for Region 7 Future Stars to run a fully configured training camp during their summer programs at Camp Woodward...this special program for the Future Stars boys is very appreciated, and it permits us to host a coordinated training event while enjoying all of the regular camp features of Woodward...Thank you Woodward!!!!

Notables and other things...

Congratulations to Kevin Preston of Paragon Gymnastics-Kevin has been elected as the Region 7 Representative to the Jr. National Coaching Staff

Congratulations to all of the athletes and coaches who particpated in the National Championship Future Stars competition and to the newest National Development Team members representing Region 7!
Athletes:  Joshua Karnes-Lakers Gymnastics, Matt Coombs-Montco Gym, Sam Smith-Excalibur, Kristian Grahovski-Rochester, Finley Stearn-Twisters, Khoi Young-Sportsplex, Aleksandr Kuzmenchuk-Paragon
Coaches:  Jacobs Marks, Brad Davis-Natalie Perri, Eric Pedercini, Ivaylo Grahovski, Fran Fennel, Bob Lundy, Kevin Preston

Results Future Stars National Championships 2014

Congratulations to these Future Stars Athletes who earned top honors at the 2014 Region 7 Optional Gymnastics Championships
Level 7--1st Josh Karnes, 2nd Khoi Young, 3rd Matt Coombs, 4th Finley Stern, 6th Sam Smith

Level 8--1st Collin Cunane, 2nd Aleksandr Kuzmenchuk, 3rd Dhiren Lutchman, 4th Martin Tchamov,5th Chase Clingman

Level 9--1st Kevin Penev, 4th Alex Frack, 5th Sean Neigbarger, 6th Zachary Mitchell

Congratulations to the Region 7 athletes listed below on their qualification to the USA Gymnastics National Development Team !  (2013)

USA National Development Team

  • Kevin Penev (13 yrs)                     Rochester Gymnastics Academy (NY)
  • Ahmir Postel 11 yrs                      Excalibur Gymnastics (VA)
  • Aleksandr Kuzmenchuk (11 yrs)    Paragon (MD)
  • Joshua Karnes (10 yrs)                 Lakers Gymnastics Academy (PA)

Congratulations to all Future Stars Regional Testing Athletes!!!
We are proud of your accomplishments and excited for all of you...
Job well done!!!

8yr old USA Gymnastics Future Stars Regional Team             
8 yr old Regional Team
AlessioBobbyEastern National Academy of Paramus
WalchukKyleKMC Dance and Gymnastics Center
SolitoGavinTwisters Gymnastics
SimonsNoahExcalibur Gymnastics
WeikelDanielMontgomery County Sports
SimpsonLandonCentre Elite Gymnastics, Inc.
9yr old USA Gymnastics Future Stars Regional Team                                                                                        
SmithSamuelExcalibur Gymnastics
GrahovskiKristianRochester Gymnastics Academy
NarangEthanRochester Gymnastics Academy
GlennStevenMontgomery County Sports
BermanJoshuaParagon Gymnastics
GregoryHarrisonApollo Gymnastics


Congratulations 2013 US National Testing Qualifiers

KarnesJoshuaLakettes Gymnastic Academy
CoombsMatthewMontgomery County Sports
YoungKhoiSportsplex Gymnastics
StearnFinleyTwisters Gymnatics
ManelisDavidPittsburg Northstars
MadeyIsaacApollo Gymnastics
CochardoCarterBlaze Gymnastics
BurgoyneMatthewMontgomery County Sports
KhafagyEyadForce Sports Academy
WhiteBraydenValley Gymnastics Training Center
PatrickZacharyGymstrada Gymnastic School

11yrs, 12yrs and 13yrs
KuzmenchukAleksandrParagon Gymnastics
TchamovMartinRochester Gymnastics Academy
PostellAhmirExcalibur Gymnastics
MattisonJimmyForce Sports Academy 

ManningChristianSportsplex Gymnastics
LutchmanDhirenParagon Gymnastics
PenevKevinRochester Gymnastics Academy
MitchellZacharyWorld Class Academy NY
KrileyEvanPittsburg Northstars
SolitoCadeTwisters Gymnastics
FletcherIanPittsburg Northstars