1) Law of Karma - As you sow you Reap 'MULTIFOLD' !! Applies to thoughts as well as actions

2) Like (vibrations) attracts like 

3) Energy Follows Thought.

4) SuperCounscious collective mind has all answers 

NOTE: Being of Fast Track Spiritual path accelerates good karma as well as bad karma. Based on your past karmas, many good events and bad events will manifest in your life at a faster speed. Hence, rise in spiritualism at the speed where you can  handle the repercussion of your bad karma. 

Spiritual Reading

>>  Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

>> Kundalini: An untold story 

>> A Million Thoughts: Learn All About Meditation from The Himalayan Mystic


Personalized Kundali
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!! Janani janma soukhya naam, vardhinim kula sampaadam,
padiviym poorvapunyam, likhyate janmapatrika !!
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 Upcoming Transits: 

 Planet Current Rashi
 Will Enter Rashi
 Saturn Transit
  Dhanu / Sagittariu24 Jan 2020
Makar /Capricorn
 Jupiter Transit
Vruschika / Scorpio30 Mar 19 
to 22 Apr 19
5 Nov 2019
 Rahu Karka / Cancer
 23 March 2019
 Ketu Makar / Capricorn
 23 March 2019
 Dhani / Sagittarius

Current Sadesati for: Vruschik-Dhanu-Makara

Sadesati after 24 Jan 2020: Dhanu-Makara-Kumbha 


Rahu-Ketu, Saturn

>> The Rahu Ketu Experience 

>> Saturn In Transit

>> The Ancient Science of Mantras

 !! Select Suitable Life Partner !! 
Are you and your prospective life partner compatible? 


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Stars and planets influence you like the earth’s gravitational force influences you. But man has built machines to overcome gravity. Similarly, You can overcome the planetary influence with your will power, conscious effort and meditation.