The Future of Mobile Computing: The Next Five Billion Mobile Users

May 23-24, 2012

1220 Charleston Rd
Mountain View, CA 94043

The purpose of this workshop is to brainstorm on the next ten years of mobile computing, with an emphasis on what critical challenges we will face as another five billion users get online. For many people in the world, a mobile device is the only computer they will ever see. More users in more places in the world means greater diversity in applications and usage models; huge challenges for ubiquitous connectivity, power consumption; privacy, and security; new ways of interacting with devices including vision, speech, gestures, and multi-device interaction; and the potential to tightly integrate mobile devices with the cloud. We want to brainstorm on all of these challenges, and any others that you want to bring to the table. This workshop is bringing together a select group of academic researchers and Googlers to brainstorm on the future as it pertains to vastly expanding the reach and scope of mobile computing.

This is a small workshop with about 40 academic attendees (professors and students from MIT, Stanford, CMU, UW, Cornell, Rice, UCLA, and others) and a roughly equivalent number of Googlers from various teams, including Android, Chrome, systems infrastructure, geo, and research. We hope to build stronger ties between Google and the academic research community through this workshop, as well as build a roadmap for future collaborations.

We ask attendees to come with an open mind and a willingness to get well out of their comfort zone. This is not a conventional workshop where people come to talk about they have been working on for the last few years. We want to hear their wild, crazy, untested ideas. The format of the workshop is still being decided but will likely consist of short talks with an emphasis on discussion and interaction, not slide decks.