Futures of Media and Communications is a research group within Finland Futures Research Centre (FFRC), University of Turku.

The group analyses and develops possible futures of media, journalism and communications. We employ futures research methods to produce visionary knowledge regarding alternative futures and the challenges and possibilities included in them.

Our foresight interests include
  • journalism as profession
  • media technologies
  • societal functions of media
  • new business models of "social media"
  • emerging issues and weak signals of media and journalism
  • digital meanings society

We are also involved in education, foresight  and development projects for companies and organisations where we offer tools to anticipate future developments and build strategic vision. 
Contact information:

Professor Sirkka Heinonen sirkka.heinonen(a)utu.fi

Reseacher Sofi Kurki

Researcher Juho Ruotsalainen

Blog in Finnish: medeiablog.wordpress.com