New generation of Toyota Corolla in 2014 ?

Could 2014 just realize the new generation of Toyota cars?

 Toyota has had a really hard time at this year in the automobile industry. However, things seem to be looking up on them due to the recalls of the vehicles released to the market. For instance, residents of the US had to recall many of the Toyota cars that were supplied to them and this was very injurious to the image of Toyota worldwide. Toyota also was to be sued by the US government for posing risks to consumers willingly by producing low quality products. Such a step taken by a high command state like the United States has to click some sense to the management of Toyota. Toyota has since decided to delay its release of another Toyota brand until they work on all the technical issues that the consumers expressed.

 The major issue now remains for Toyota to revamp its customer base and shed off the bad impression that had been created of them. In the view of this, Toyota has decided to delay its release of the Toyota cars up to the year 2014. This is as stated by Autoincar, , a news agency, which has forcasted the things for 2014 Toyota Corolla. The Toyota corolla cars were top on the spotlight check and Toyota now has set up a new strategy to implement bullet proof functionality in all of their subsequent releases of the corolla cars. The Toyota corolla in essence is one of the best sellers of the company and in most cases is used as a reference point to Toyota. This means that its effectiveness is imperative. The major delay in the release of the Toyota corolla release is new to the many rectifications that they have to include in the model so that it does not suffer any more criticism from the customer side.

 According to autoincar, the next we might just need to wait longer before we can see the next release of the corolla. The major issue to Toyota is to ensure error free car releases but market analysts argue that this might work negatively on them with regards to market share. The cruze is one car that is likely to dethrone the all famous Toyota corolla from its glory. Its release is set for next year also together with the new civic. Both these cars have petrol and diesel options and thus pose a major threat to the Toyota corolla brand of cars. The new release of the Toyota car has to beat the cruze and the new civic by posing less risks to the environment.

 Toyota has to really up  its game owing to the fact they are operating on an inclination and that their quality has been put on the test. The major concern thus remains to produce the best next corolla car that will help to revive its image, not only in the united states but also to the world at large.  Be it now or later, Toyota, which happens to be among the top car manufacturers has to recreate its part and head back to the top lest all the coming models experience dwindling sales.