2014 Toyota Corolla

2014 is the year when the new generation of the Corolla - also known as Toyota Altis in India and eastern countries will start rolling. The Altis Diesel is expected to be especially successful in India where the prices of the Diesel are kept low ( to keep the prices of the commodity items down).

In US the 2014 Toyota Corolla should start rolling out by the end of the 2013. At present the price of the LE model ( which happens to be the most sold model) is close to $16,500, of course, you may like to add the local tax on the top of it.

Toyota Corollas keep going in the excess of 200K miles as has been reported by the previous year owners of this model. There has been degradation in the quality, mainly due to substandard parts used by the part suppliers outside of the USA. The Corollas that is shipped to US in manufactured in Canada. Many people would have liked to see the original parts coming from Japan.

The 2014 Toyota corolla will continue to offer excellent fuel economy without having the electric battery operation and thereby keeping the cost low. The Toyota Prius will no doubt be better for mileage, but, are you ready to shell out close to $10K extra and unsure if you will save that much in the gas ? Well, this will be decided by the prices of gas as we move in 2014.

A victim of unfortunate recalls, Toyota Corolla is now willing to make amends and wishes ensure that this new product has bullet proof reliability. The Sales of its cars have started picking up. And Toyota knows that if it slips, Honda Civic will capture all the market share it had.