Come along and help!


I started this page to see if  I could get that metaphorical ball rolling along here in Portugal (and the literal ball as well, of course). As you may have already realised, the game of Australian football is scarcely known in these parts.

If you live around here, miss the game, wish that you could play it again, get in touch! If nothing else is possible, we could organise a kick to kick in some public park...

I'm still waiting for volunteers, but I'm still hoping that they'll eventually show up.

Here's what's to be found in this site, in case you're interested in knowing but don't understand Portuguese:

ARI: a brief introduction of Aussie Rules International and Aussie Rules Europe, complete with links.

CLUBES: some information about AFL, SANFL, WAFL and European footy clubs, including club colours, date of foundation, first year in the league the club is currently a part of and titles won.

COMPETIÇÕES INTERNACIONAIS: history and results of the International Cup and the European Union Cup. "Nova Zelândia" is, of course, New Zealand, "Estados Unidos" is the United States, "África do Sul" is South Africa, and so on...

CULTURA: this is our favourite section, although it's the most demanding one. It consists of brief articles about footy history. As of April 25 (ANZAC Day in Australia, Freedom Day in Portugal), 2009, it includes nine articles or "chapters".

Chapter One, "Welcome to the Rivalry Round" lists the eight fixtures of the 2008 Rivalry Round and tries to explain why a) the two clubs contesting a match are bitter rivals or b) the two clubs are not exactly rivals, but the AFL had no-one else to pair them with. 

Chapter Two, "Like Father, Like Son" deals with the father-son-rule, what it is, what it means, how, when and why it was established.
References to Ron Barassi, Sr. and Jr. and also the Abletts or Ted Whitten are to be found in this text.

Chapter Three, "The first game", is an account of the origins of footy. Toms Wills gets a few mentions, as do Bell's Sporting Life in Victoria and, of course, Scotch College and the Church of England Grammar School.

Chapters Four and Five, "Sons of the Scray - Part One" and "Sons of the Scray - Part Two" are both about the 89 Fightback. Peter Gordon, Irene Chatfield and the rest of the fierce Footscrayites of 89 are held in high esteem in this site.

Chapter Six, "Fairest and Best" is a short history of the Magarey Medal, its creator and some of its most famous winners.

Chapter Seven, "To Play or not to Play" remembers the split in the VFL over whether the League should suspend operations during World War I.

Chapter Eight, "Mr. Football" is a tribute to Ted Whitten, Sr. (yes, we're Bulldogs barrackers...), as fine a footballer and as good a Man as there ever was.

Chapter Nine, "The Forgotten Club of the VFL" tells the story of the University Football Club.

A new chapter, Chapter Ten, "Tell me your name and I'll tell you who you are" was added on September 24, 2009. It explains the origins of the AFL's clubs' nicknames.

LIGAS: this section contains a potted history of the VFL/AFL and some details and information about the SANFL, the WAFL and other footy leagues in Australia and beyond. It also includes links to some leagues official sites.

LINKS: a few assorted links, to clubs, leagues and other sites about footy.

PORTUGAL: an appeal to potential footy players.

REGRAS: the rules of the game, 18 and 9-a-side.

ÚLTIMAS NOTÍCIAS: news about footy, in Australia and the world.

TELEVISÃO:  where (Eurosport 2) and when you can watch footy on TV in Portugal.

VOCABULÁRIO: Eurosport 2's broadcasts are in English. So what do they mean when they're talking about behinds, ladders and the forward 50? We translate.