Character:  Moreti
Actor: Steven Moreti
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Steven Moreti is a long time film & television actor who has appeared in more than 30 different projects including numerous local and regional commercials as well as re-occurring roles on TV shows such as HBO's "The Wire" & CBS's "The Bold and the Beautiful". 

Known for his comedic timing, good looks and chiseled physique; Steven has fit easily into many different characters and casts and has received personal praise and kind words from the likes of Mark Wahlberg and Peter Jackson. 

Steven is looking forward to bringing the character of "Moreti" to life and said he has waited his entire career for such an interesting and surprising action comedy. “Once I read the pilot, I was hooked. The fans are in for a ride!” says Moreti. “Futch Tube became my passion project. I had no choice to not only co-star, but I felt that getting involved in the production side was a must.”

Character:  Mac
Actor: J.C. Mac
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JC Mac is a highly acclaimed British actor based in Los Angeles with over 15 years experience in all aspects of the business including producing, writing and directing. He completed extensive training in London at The City Literature Institute, The Impulse Theatre Company and The Actors Centre.

JC is a versatile actor and shows his strengths both as an extremely talented character actor as well as a leading man. This versatility and strength shines through in his award winning short films, guest starring and lead roles including the feature 'Requiem for Tomorrow', a film shot almost entirely using CGI technology.

In 2009, JC secured lead roles in three Cannes Official selections including the multi-award winning '45', 'Left Holding Baby' and the political thriller '31 North 62 East' which also starred John Rhys-Davies and Mariner Sirtis.

Most recently, Mac completed principal photography on two films; the psychological thriller 'Visible Scars' along side Tom Sizemore and Hollywood hit-man comedy 'Hit The Big Time' with Jason Lee Hyde.