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5. Embed Visualizations on Google Sites

Sites does not allow general JavaScript or <iframe> tags in its pages, but can host Google Gadgets. Here's how to embed a Fusion Table visualization in Sites.
  1. Find or create a Fusion Table with a map, chart, table, or card layout you want to embed. The table must be public. For this tutorial we will use https://www.google.com/fusiontables/data?docid=1WzntFtp95OrzOY35vy1ZPSrDeR_rcDii1maKPPY.
  2. In sites, edit or create some page. From "Insert->More gadgets…", which is the very last option (you may need to scroll).
  3. Click "Features" on the left.
  4. Look for "Include gadget (iframe)"
  5. Click "Select".
  6. Enter the URL:
    1. Go back to your Fusion table.
    2. Click on the tab you want to embed.
    3. Click the "Tools > Publish" menu.
    4. Copy the URL under "Send a link in email or IM".
    5. Return to the Sites editor and enter the URL for the gadget's "URL to content".
  7. Customize the size and title if you'd like.
  8. Click "Preview Gadget" and, if all is well, click "OK".
  9. The Gadget placeholder will show on the page. Click "Save".

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