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4. Community Annotation of Data

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Demo: Community Annotation of Data

Example of completed exercise
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Topics covered
  • Community commenting
  • Cell value record
  • Discussion panel

  • Have a Google Account
  • Have Google Earth on your computer

Explore Kenya Health Facilities KML in Google Earth

This data set was published in 2008, and is known to be imperfect. In this exercise, you are invited to identify an issue with the data set and annotate the data itself, helping to improve the quality of the data set. 

  1. Open Kenya National Health Facilities - for comment Network Link in Google Earth. 
  2. Look for information that is incorrect in the data set. For example, zoom in on map pins and check that they appear to be located at inhabitations. Or you may be able to identify other things that are wrong. 
  3. Decide what you'd like to report about a particular health facility
  4. Write down the UNIQUE ID number for the pin you'd like to annotate

Open data file in Google Fusion Tables

  1. Go to data table "Kenya National Health Facility Database - please review and comment" in a new browser window
    1. URL:  http://tables.googlelabs.com/DataSource?dsrcid=85734/85734
  2. Sign in with your Google Account
    1. Need a Google Account? you can make one with any e-mail address by adding a password to it.
    2. Click the "Create a Google Account" link on the sign in page.  
  3. Optional: explore the attribution for the table under File > About
  4. Optional: find "Kenya National Health Facility Database - please review and comment" through the Table Gallery

Explore existing comments from the Discussion Panel

  1. Click the "# discussions" link. 
  2. Roll over a discussion to highlight it
  3. Click on a discussion to view it
Comments can be located on an entire row, on an entire column, or on a specific cell.

Add your own comment

  1. Click "Show options..." link or use View > Filter
  2. Create a filter to find the health facility your comment applies to. 
    1. For example: "UNIQUE ID"  "=" 40259
  3. Choose where to locate the comment. 
    1. If you'd like to put it on the "Coordinates" value, click the [>] button to scroll to that column.
    2. Roll over the cell to make the comment balloon appear in the upper right corner.
  4. Click the comment balloon.
  5. Optional: give your comment a descriptive title
  6. Write your comment. 
    1. Tip: Keep in mind that people all over the world may read it, so be sure to give them enough context and detail to understand your comment.
  7. Click "Save comment" 
  8. Click the [x] to close the comment pop-up.
A "delete" link appears for comments that you make, and for comments on data that you own. 

Rebecca Shapley,
Nov 2, 2009, 9:49 PM