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Extra fancy bonus! Create a simple moderation system

  • Add a "status" column to the Fusion Table
  • Type "good" when you accept the submission
    Entry Status
    Our streets are clean good
    Snow not plowed yet! good
    asdfasdf nope
  • Use a view table where status = good for any visualizations
    Our streets are clean
    Snow not plowed yet!


"give each contributor their own table to maintain...
gather it in a master table"?


Explore and reformat data

Explore and reformat data

  • Extract data with a filter
  • Aggregate data, then download it
  • Merge data together
  • Extract a subset by merging --Fancy!

Walkthrough: Extract by filtering

Download the .shp file

Use shpescape.com to bring it into Fusion Tables

Visualize > Map

Filter to just Montreal

Zoom in...

File > Export to download

DEMO: Aggregate & download

DEMO: Merge two tables

Merge data together

DEMO: Extract a want-list of data