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CAR 2013

  1. Introductions
    • Objective: share best practices and material and establish community of trainers
    • Review curricula with different focus areas, and capture longer questions on new features or approach
    • Join group

  2. Set-up and pre-requisites for training
    • Recommend interactive training environment where students can follow along on their own laptops
    • Internet connect for participants is essential
    • All material referenced below is available on the internet for students to review at their own pace

  3. Sample training: Maps and Fusion Tables

  4. Sample training: Data analysis with Google Sheets and Fusion Table

  5. [Time permitting]: Sample training: Data discovery, sharing and reuse with new Fusion Tables UI

  6. Questions from the parking lot

  7. Wrap-up
    • what would you like from the Fusion Tables team to help with your training?