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2009 Oct Washington DC

Demo 1: Ask questions of a data set

Pie Chart

How much variety has there been in popular female baby names? 
    1. Filter: Rank = 1
    2. Aggregate: Female Name
    3. Visualize: Pie
Not much variety in the top female names; Mary holds her own.


How popular has "John" been over time? 
    1. Filter: Male name = John
    2. Visualize: Timeline
John was incredibly popular for the first part of the century, and has rapidly fallen out of favor since. 

  1. Filter: Male name contains Greg  ->Gregory

Demo 2: Collaboration features


You and you collaborators can discuss data sets at a very granular level - by row, column, and even cell by cell. 

2000 Child Mortality Rates
Navigate to far-right column
Open discussion of what numbers mean

Show  Discussion panel


Let's say you'd like to share a few of those columns. 
File > Create View
Uncheck columns as needed, save view
Give it new permissions (for example, make it public)


Country GDPs from 3 different sources
File > About

Line Chart
How much discrepancy is there between these 3 sources? 
1. Filter: Rank <=20
2. Visualize: Line Chart
3. command-click to select the three Ranks

Demo 3: Map stuff. Import and map California's Toyota dealerships


Address list of Toyota dealerships
remove commas, make a header row
Google Fusion Tables home
Enter attribution

Address Mapping

Filter: Dealership contains " CA " or " MD "
Visualize: Map

Custom Map bubbles

Fisheries Catch 1950-2004  

Intensity Map

Intensity maps are effective visuals for quickly conveying a trend.
Prevalence of diarrhoeal diseases in child mortality, shown with availability of safe drinking water
Circle of Blue: WaterNews