1. Embed an Intensity Map on Blogger

Topics covered
  • Public data
  • Make a fusion table
  • Intensity Map visualization
  • Embed a visualization in Blogger


Show: Browser Tab 1: Circle of Blue article

"Shortly after Google Fusion Tables launched, Circle of Blue wrote this beautiful article describing how they used Fusion Tables to visualize data about water availability and demographic variables such as GDP and Child Mortality due to waterborne disease."

Show: scroll down to the embedded Intensity Maps, and roll over the countries.

"This intensity map shows...."

"This intensity map shows..."

"These intensity maps were created from a data table in Fusion Tables, and are embedded here in the Circle of Blue webpage."

"By embedding it, there's a live connection to the data table. If the data table changes, the latest values will appear on the embedded Intensity Map too."

Show: scroll to Aubrey's demo video OR show Browser Tab 2: YouTube

"Aubrey at Circle of Blue put together this demo video, to show how she did it. She does a nice job of introducing Fusion Tables, so I'm going to let her give you an overview. She goes a little fast... don't worry, we'll do it together next."

Show: Play VIDEO: Aubrey's demo 

"So, Aubrey showed how to use Fusion Tables to combine different data sets, even from different people, and use them to make visualizations like Intensity Maps, scatter plots, and more."

"These are two beautiful intensity maps. Let's re-create one and put in a blog post. "

Show: Browser Tab 3: Google Fusion Tables

"We're going to use data from the Public tables search. Google Fusion Tables allows you to keep your data private, or to share it with specific people either as view only or so they can edit it too.

"Fusion Tables also allows you to make your data Public, so anyone can view it. These tables can be found in Public tables. I'm going to use some data that has been made public."
  1. Open Public tables
  2. Find "Total renewable Freshwater Supply" table (http://tables.googlelabs.com/DataSource?dsrcid=1010)
"This data set..."
  1. Visualize > Intensity Map
  2. Click "Get embeddable code" and copy all text in the box
Show: Browser Tab 4: Blogger
  1. Flip to Blogger 
  2. Click  "New Post" and give it a name
  3. Edit HTML
  4. Paste embed code
  5. Publish post
  6. View new post