4. Community Annotation of Data

Demo: Community annotation of a data set

  • Community commenting
  • Cell value record
  • Discussion panel

<zoom in on Google Earth to show that the points aren't always even close to a village> 
Copy identifying info for that record. 

"I have a public version of this table already in the Gallery"
Open Table Gallery version of Kenya_National_Health_Facility Database_2008 - Please offer comments
Filter for this record
Locate "Coordinates" cell
Make a comment
Open again, show my name on it. 

Show change in number of Discussions
Open discussion panel
Show another discussion 

Open Country Flags table from Table Gallery
Click "Next" to go to second page
Click Discussions panel
Show the comment about the name of Sao Tome & Principe

We invite you to help make this data set of Kenya's health facilities better. Take a look and contribute what you can.