Teach Fusion Tables

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Example Workshop outlines 


Make an Intensity Map and embed it in Blogger

Topics covered
  • Public data
  • Make a fusion table
  • Intensity Map visualization
  • Embed a visualization (Blogger used as an example)

 Make a KML of the African Heads of State from 2 data sources

Topics covered
  • Attribution
  • Public Data
  • Image support
  • Fusion
  • Column control
  • Mapping
  • Bubble customization - template 5
  • Export to KML file

A live-update map of Kenya's thousands of Health Facilities

Topics covered
  • Preparing Location data for Fusion Tables
  • Import .csv
  • Attribution
  • Export massive KML file 
  • Create network link in Google Earth
  • Live changes

Community annotation of a data set

  • Community commenting
  • Cell value record
  • Discussion panel

Data visualizations tell a butterfly story