Fusion Tables Example Gallery

riots and poverty

Tell the story with data

The Guardian DataBlog maps riot locations and suspects' addresses in context of social factors. See site.   How it was done

data.ca.gov masthead

Host data online California offers government datasets online in Fusion Tables format. Citizens can view, filter and download hosted data with just a browser. See site.

Iowa GOP primary

Gather data in realtimeGoogle election coverage handled realtime data updates during the Iowa GOP primary to deliver results during the night as ballots were counted. See site.  How it was done

  Simple infographics with Fusion Tables
web app security

Who's hacking? You can visualize data right from your Fusion Table data. The Web Hacking Incident Database (WHID) provides information for statistical analysis of web applications security incidents. See site.

troop levels

Troop levels over time
The Al Jazeera timeline shows how troop levels in Afghanistan have changed in the last ten years. See site.

  Use the Fusion Tables APIs
colorful pins on map

Local newspapers, worldwide Find a local paper and read it in your own language. See site.

Cook County Budget

Look at Cook Explore Cook County's budget from 1993 to 2011 and learn how the money is being spent. See site.

tennessee traffic

Share bike trails Share your GPS tracks with other mountain biking enthusiasts by editing the table itself. See site.   How it was done

 Visualize boundaries of any shape
TNC snowmelt change

The Nature ConservancySee how snowmelt has changed since 1975. The Atlas of Global Conservation maps are now available online. See site.

Tip: How to make custom intensity maps

montreal population

Montreal Gazette Compare neighborhood population density with the rest of Montreal. See site.

san map

San Map: Water for PeopleData to help small sanitation businesses deliver services to low income urban areas in Africa. See site.

  Make your data work for you
submarine cabling

Internet across oceansThe Submarine Cable Map is a free resource from TeleGeography that displays the cabling under our oceans. See site.

clear streets

Stalled construction in NYC
Tracking where construction has stalled out: weekly updates of slowed sites in NYC. See site.

Skyrim lands

Display invented maps tooWander through the imagined landscapes of the Skyrim video game. See site.

  Collaborate on gathering data
Information-rich window templates

 Topic Spotlight: Crisis Response
road closures status map in Japan

Tsunami in Japan, March 2011Honda and Google collaborated to map road closures. Maps also showed shelter locations and group assignments for rolling blackouts. See site.

hurricane flood evacuation zones near New York City

Hurricane Irene, August 2011 WNYC created an evacuation zone map for New York City area residents to refer to. See site.  How it was done

map and legend

Flooding in Vermont, August 2011 Google's Crisis Response team incorporated public reports to Crowdmap and data from the Red Cross using Fusion Tables. See site.

  Topic Spotlight: Communicating demographics
Bay Area pop changes

Bay Area population trendsBay Citizen has makes 2010 US Census data available. See how your city has changed since 2000. See site.

UN ODC murders map

UN ODC maps murdersThe Guardian Datablog shows the UN's murder rate data. See site.

map and legend

Census results Award-winning Texas Tribune presents the 2010 Census results. See site.

Award-winning journalism - Congratulations to our journalist partners! 

The Guardian DataBlog wins Best UK Internet Journalist award. The Guardian has used Fusion Tables for many stories:  School test scores and Mexican drug war murders. They have also produced visualizations using the API:  2010 Election with Boundary changes and  US poverty mapped.  

Other journalists doing interesting stories with Fusion Tables include the Palm Beach Post on Florida, the Texas Tribune's map of Texas wildfires, and the L.A. Times on California.