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Fusion Finish Bathtub, tile, shower refinishing services in Dallas, Tx.

Fusion Finishing | 469-338-9620 | Bathtub, Shower, Tile, Refinishing

Fusion Refinishing bathtub refinishing services is completed by etching the old surface which opens the pores, the surface is then chemically rinsed to remove any residue, next a molecular bonding primer is applied to the surface, Finally the surface is top coated with 5 - 7 coats of polymer coating that is designed specifically for the refinishing Industry!
The process is in our name Fusion Refinishing uses a unique chemical method specifically for bathtub and ceramic tiled wall refinishing. The secret lies in the scientifically formulated compounds which become fused to the original porcelain enamel through a molecular reaction (nano technology). Due to this “chemical welding,” the new finish penetrates and becomes an integral part of the bathtub surface. The newly refinished surface is even more chemical and acid-resistant than most original factory applied porcelain enamel finishes. The result is a like-new, glassy-smooth and durable finish, which is easy to clean and also resists the staining effects of water-borne minerals. The compound ingenuity of our Fusion process, along with its precise application, set Fusion Refinishing apart as today’s foremost porcelain refinisher.

Fusion Refinishing | 469-338-9620 | Bathtub, Shower, Tile, Refinishing

  • You need to know that the bathtub, shower and tile coating that is used in the refinishing business is NOT epoxy paint. It is Not automobile paint. It is Not paint that can be purchased from the local hardware store or for that matter the local paint specialty store! These coatings when applied with the correct application process and when cleaned properly and not neglected will last for the next 10 to 20 years! Other refinishers are using the brush and roller method with the inferior quality Epoxy paint kits purchased from a home improvement store! (how these so called refinishing kits are still being sold is beyond me!)
  • Coatings should be applied 5 - 7 layers thick allowing the layers enough time to only be slightly tacky. This allows the top layer to melt into the bottom layer, allowing the unit to have strength and durability.

Fusion Refinishing | 469-338-9620 | Bathtub, Shower, Tile, Refinishing

Upgrade your bathroom Instantly by having a quality Fusion Refinishing coating applied to your bathtub or tub and tile surround! 
I am offering GREAT prices that are complete with etching and priming (the primer used is not the same thing as a paint primer, instead it is a bondingprimer that uses nano technology. This simply means it bonds on a molecular level to the old surface so your Bath
tub and / or tile will have that new gloss look and feel for years to come! 
The co-polymer coatings are rated for 20+ years of life so it truly is like getting brand new tub and tile for just a fraction of the replacement cost!!

                                              Fusion Refinishing Process is as follows:
  • The entire surface is chemically cleaned to tear thru soap residue that you probably can not even see!
  • The entire surface is then scraped down with a razor blade to insure no residue is left behind.
  • Once again the entire surface is chemically cleaned again, just to make sure no contaminants remain. 
  • The surface is then thoroughly etched (this puts microscopic abrasions and scratches all over the old surface) this process is considered by otherrefinishers to be a waste of time...... I strongly disagree. The micro abrasions will allow the new surface to bond INTO the old surface.... not ON TOP of the old surface. I fully expect my Fusion Refinishing surfaces to last 20+ years!
  • Fusion Refinishing then use an H.V.L.P applicator to apply a clear or slightly white primer that is catalyzed. This primer will react to the finish coat to heat up and fuse to the old surface.! The Finish coat is polymer glass glaze also known as synthetic porcelain. It too is catalyzed and creates a chemical reaction that fuses to the old surface (and thanks to the etching I mentioned earlier) INTO the old surface! 
  • The Fusion Refinishing process takes about 2 hours for a standard size tub and will be ready to use in most cases 4 to 5 hours later!
  • I complete all jobs myself and bring with me 22 years of experience!  An exhaust system is set up to funnel fumes and dust out of your home and most customers tell me no chemical odor can be smelled within (1) hour of completion! That's the Fusion Refinishing way!!
  • I use great caution to tape of existing structures and I treat your home withRespect!