The Road Ahead

We all have concerns about the energy supply, the economic downturn and the environmental changes occurring on the earth.  But of all of these issues, Energy is the most important – for the lifeblood of the world economy is dependent on ready availability of inexpensive energy. Rapid increases in energy prices has brought home the fact that fossil fuel energy resources are limited and thus it is critical that a new large energy source be identified and brought on line.

A New Energy Source

Many believe that obvious sources to supplant carbon-based fuels are solar conversion, wind generation, hydraulic generation, geothermal extraction,  and bio-fuel.  To this ensemble some reluctantly add fission, the current means of using nuclear processes and a few will even mention fusion as a future energy source.  What most do not realize is that when scaled to the size necessary to satisfy the energy demands of the world, all energy sources, except fusion, have severe unmitigated environmental impacts, induce geopolitical instability, or exhibit very limited availability, reliability, and sustainability.  Fusion is our only true solution to our current energy problem.

For more than five decades fusion has held the promise of providing the new energy source for the world’s unmet need for energy.  Despite billions of dollars spent on research, fusion, as an energy source, still is perceived by many as being many decades away.  

But, as we will show you, this perception is wrong.

Heavy Ion Fusion

Currently there is no unified solution to the known energy, economic, and environment problem that face society.  Fusion, however, allows the development of such a solution.  Fusion has the potential to deliver copious amounts of energy at a reasonable cost and fusion is probably the greenest of all energy solutions.  But for fusion to come of age, one must abandon the current favorites of magnetic fusion and laser fusion in favor of a technique called radio frequency accelerator driven Heavy Ion Fusion (HIF), a technique that was researched and found viable by government research laboratories more than three decades ago.  Using HIF and existing known techniques and technologies, fusion can be brought online within the next decade, thereby providing:
  • Abundant energy without carbon pollution 
  • Increased jobs (a whole new world industrial base) 
  • Improved world standard of living 
  • Production of clean water (needed all over the world) 
  • Improved world health (cutting carbon released to the atmosphere) 
  • Slowing global warming (disruption) 
  • Real energy security (a nation not dependent on fossil fuels) 
  • An end to the refining of fission bomb materials 
  • A renewed position of American world leadership

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