A proposal started by US and Iranian physicists for peaceful international cooperation

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We hereby call on the governments of the US & Iran to step back from military action and instead start a "Fusion for Peace" initiative. This "Fusion for Peace" scientific and engineering collaboration could, if successful, make uranium enrichment obsolete, block proliferation everywhere, liberate the world from oil, and open up a new source of cheap, clean unlimited energy. 

"Fusion for Peace" on VOA Persian TV! At 38 minutes in.

In the past three years, Iran has become a major player in the small but growing global effort to achieve aneutronic fusion power, that is, controlled nuclear fusion using fuels that produce no neutrons. Controlled fusion harnesses the power that heats the sun -- nuclear fusion -- as a source of energy for peaceful purposes. 

The latest research in the US, meanwhile, indicates that with proper support getting clean fusion energy to the grid could be accelerated to within as few as five years instead of decades.

In light of these new scientific developments, and of the real threat of war between the U.S. and Iran, we are proposing the establishment of a joint US-Iran Aneutronic Fusion Program to accelerate this research and pool the resources of the various aneutronic fusion research projects. The program would aim to rapidly establish two Aneutronic Fusion Centers -- one in the U.S. and one in Iran -- staffed by scientists and engineers from both countries. As the project grows, other countries not now involved in aneutronic work can join in.

The establishment of the project can itself ease tensions. If it succeeds, in a few years, all uranium enrichment for energy production would be obsolete and could be shut down -- not just in Iran, but everywhere. This would be a giant step towards ending nuclear proliferation worldwide. And as aneutronic fusion supersedes fossil fuels, oil would be removed as the real fuel of the decades-long tension and wars in the Middle East. 

There is a risk that aneutronic fusion will take much longer than we think, despite recent encouraging advances. But the risks of war are far greater than the risks of trying to eliminate the causes of war. And the potential rewards -- both for peace and for the development of a cheap, clean energy source that can replace both fossil fuels and fission -- are enormous.

We call on all who want an escape from the dead-end of war,
and all who want to see if there is another route to clean energy, 
to join together to make "Fusion for Peace" a reality.

I support Fusion for Peace

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