Fusion Dog Training

dog off leash in front of rock face while hiking
Feb 2021 -  I can accept limited clients for in-home lessons within a 20 minute radius.

2017-2020 -  Relocated back to my house in Liberty Twp. Limited part-time operations in Liberty Twp & surrounding areas, mostly for existing clients and client referrals. 

2015-2017 - Business mostly suspended while located on east side of Cincinnati, dropped APDT membership & CPDT-KA certification.

2009-2015 Located in Liberty Township, OH, Fusion Dog Training provided dog training services in the areas of Liberty Township, Hamilton, Fairfield, Forest Park, West Chester, Mason, Trenton, and Monroe north of Cincinnati.

Don't let dog problems spoil your relationship with your dog or other family members!  While dogs have evolved to naturally understand and cooperate with humans, our modern environment and requirements for how our dogs should behave is not something that every dog learns on its own. 

Many people seem to feel that because they have owned dogs before, and cannot get their new dog to 'get it' that the dog is untrainable.  This is not the case - a better understanding of canine learning theory and a larger option of training techniques opens up many more options to explain things to the dog in a way they will understand.  In addition, consulting with a professional will speed up training time.  Dog training is a skill much like playing an instrument or physical sport - the more you practice, the better you will get. Hiring a tutor or a coach will drastically increase your speed of improvement versus practicing on your own.

Most dogs do not get as much exercise as they need to truly be happy physically & mentally and this reflects in
their behavior.  This is especially true for dogs who are not 
suitable for daycare or dog parks.  Taking a dog for a walk (leading him on the hunt) also normally sets most dogs into a better 
Angie at the beach with her dogs Gracie, Willow, and Louie
frame of mind for learning (there is a reason why you see 
so much of this on The Dog Whisperer).  Dogs and humans are both cooperative hunters and that is what drew the species so closely together thousands of years ago.  (Adding that dogs are excellent scavengers and people produce a lot of trash that is desirable for dogs - see the book Dogs: A Startling New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behavior & Evolution for more information on this theory.  I wonder why so many people have problems with their dogs counter-surfing and getting into garbage? Dogs are excellent at figuring out ways to do it.)

My goal is to provide the knowledge and training for dogs & humans so that they can better enjoy their time together. 

Unlike most dog trainers with a one-size-fits-all training method and plan for everyone, I tailor my service based on the individual.  If you have no r
eal desire to learn about training theory or to have to spend time teaching your dog, or are just not very good as a dog trainer yourself, I am not going to impose that upon you and rather focus on teaching your dog myself and showing you how to give the commands I have trained and the correct follow up procedures.  On the other hand, if you want to know the how's and why's I welcome the opportunity to share that with you as well and improve your dog training skills.

I provide training and enrichment services at affordable rates for everyone.

I hope you have fun visiting my website as I have many cute pictures and videos hidden on the various pages (I took most of the pictures on this site of my d
ogs and client's dogs).  Or you may visit my YouTube Channel directly -  Fusion Dog Training YouTube Channel  Thank you for visiting and I hope to hear from you soon!  

Angie Pullano, CPDT-KA

Gracie, Deuce, Reju, Willow, Louie