2. SSO - Prevalent Use Cases

New to Single Sign On??  View this presentation first.   Oracle Employees can Listen to the recording. This May 20th SSO Panel Discussion Recording may also be useful to review.

Fusion HCM Strategy SSO Position Statement [Oracle Employees Only]                      

Release 7 IdM enhancements


SSO Configuration & Requirements:
Employees, already authenticated into your corporate portal, should be able to click on the Fusion Apps link and get access without being challenged for their username/password
as shown on left.


From 3rd Party Cloud App:
Employees already authenticated to a 3rd party SaaS Application should be able to click on a Fusion Apps url & access Fusion Apps without being challenged for their username/password


Accessing Fusion HCM & Taleo:  Employees authenticated against Fusion Apps via SSO, should be able to access Taleo without being challenged for their username/password




On-Premise Fusion Apps Deployment: 
You want to ensure you do not have to manage users and roles in two different identity management systems. You would prefer to do all this in your existing IdM system.

Oracle EBS with Fusion Apps:  Say you want to display certain  EBS screens (payslip) within Fusion HCM, and EBS is On-Premise or 3rd party hosted..


The objective is to evolve the website as we get additional use cases & questions from consultants & customers.
If your use case differs from those above, or you have questions not answered by the detailed pages on the left, please email details to me
We can setup a call, if necessary, to ensure we understand your use case/question.

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