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Date              Topic                                       Watch                         Description                                                                                                             
Apr 18th                 BI Publisher                                        Download / ppt     
Apr 25th                 Diagnostic Framework                          Streaming / Download / ppt
May 2nd                Std Life - Talent                                     Streaming / Download / ppt  
                             Enterprise Structure Config                    Streamng  ppt     
May 7th                 HCM SaaS Integrations                         Download / ppt                  
May 9th                 Fusion HCM Extract                              Download / ppt   
May 14th               Fusion HCM Extensibility                       Streaming / Download /          
May 16th               R5 Spreadsheet Loader                          Streaming / Download / ppt     
May 20th               Fusion Apps SSO Panel                        iLearn       / Download / ppt   
May 21st               Oracle Help Portal                                 Streaming   
May 23rd               Fusion Security Primer                                                            / ppt    
June 4th                Core HR - Part 1                                    Streaming            
June 10th              Core HR - Part 2                                    Streaming / Download 
June 13th              Core HR II - How to Xfer Internationally     Streaming / Download   
June 18th              HCM Approvals                                      Streaming / Download            
June 25th.            HCM File Based Loader.                          Streaming / download   
Nov 14th              Real time access to Fusion HCM cloud data  Recording

R8 Session Popular Recordings
Release 8: Spotlight on Oracle Sales Cloud     ppt
Release 8  Spotlight on Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud
Release 8 - Oracle HCM Cloud: Introducing Oracle Time and...
Release 8 - Spotlight on Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud
Release 8 - Spotlight on Oracle Talent Management Cloud
Release 8 - Spotlight on Enterprise Resource Planning
Release 8 - HCM Upgrade Planning and Logistics
Release 8 - Spotlight on Oracle Supply Chain Management...
Release 8 - Oracle HCM Cloud: Introducing Oracle Fusion...
Release 8 - HCM Extracts Upgrade Guidance   
Release 8 - ERP Upgrade Planning and Logistics
Release 8 - HCM Impact Assessment
Release 8 - Oracle Sales Cloud - Preparing to upgrade
Oracle Applications Cloud - Audit Capabilities
Basic Inquiry and Analysis Using Smart View                          
Report Authoring Using Financial Reporting Studio - Advanced   
Report Authoring Using Fin Reporting Studio - Beginner

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