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The Fused Cell Games Timeline

By: Jayden Smith

January 7, 2016
The first mobile game

Thanks to me, I have put the first mobile game 2048 onto the website. This was a lot more easy then I thought it would be.

To be continued ….

January 5, 2016
The first flash games 

One of the first flash games came to our website because a brilliant hard working team member decided to figure out out how to do it. FINALLY!! 

October 4, 2015
Touch develop 

We started using touch develop games to enhance our games. Touch develop games are games made with Mircrosofts game engine Touch develop.

September 9, 2015
Google Analytics 

Thanks to Google we can keep track of our website!

August 28, 2015
The offcial website

As a group of highschoolers we needed somthing cheap, and we found it for an even better price. FREE! With Google sites.

August 26,2015
The official Name and the official team

I first made it official when we put a community  on Google plus and had friends who started uploading keynote games. 

August 8, 2015
The idea 

The idea of fused cell games came to me when a friend was making a keynote game, so he showed me how to make one. That's when I made one and gave it the Fused Cell Games Logo.