Francisco Urzúa I.

Welcome to my webpage. At my ssrn website you can download final versions of my papers. My Scholar Google profile is here, and my Ideas Repec profile here. Since September 2013 I'm an assistant professor at the Finance Department, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.


Working Papers

  • Groups and Competition (with Loek Visschers)
  • Take the Money and Run? Privatizations and Rent Extraction (with Felipe González and Mounu Prem)
  • Overlapping Networks of Credit and Control (with David Buchuk, Borja Larrain and Mounu Prem)
  • Going Public in Business Groups (with Borja Larrain and Giorgo Sertsios)
  • Blocks and Contractual Incompleteness Problems

Work in Progress

      • Family Firms and M&As (with Laura Godschalx, Maura Leusder and Hans van Oosterhout)
Francisco Urzua,
18 Apr 2018, 00:46