Halloween 2009

Wagsworth Manor Halloween Party
(For more visit: http://www.wagsworthmanor.com/html/halloween-2009-recap.htm)

Pug-o-ween Philadelphia
(for more photos check out the pugoween website: http://pug.meetup.com/24/photos/ )

Oh Bubba...what the heck did she put on you? I'm not sure what she put on me but I'm going to eat the antennas!!

Spagetti & Meatballs!   Bub & his devil friend

                                            Cookie? Please?

Play group!

Mooom, I dont want my hat on!                                                            The best bumble bee!!
Did you hear that train Bentley? Quick! Hide, I mean                                                                                                                      guard Cia's legs!
                                                    I'll get your costume off!                    The cutest squirrel ever.