Giving Back to our Community!

Our very first can and pet supply  drive was a huge success!! We collected a whole car full of great stuff from our wonderful wonderful clients!

 After cleaning out the Furry Smiles' pantry, Grayson started the day by bringing his can goods....

Bubba was very proud of his contribution.

Then off to Boomers! She was so excited she knocked over her food bowl!

Lexi & Zoe were very happy to be giving some of their stuff to less fortunate pets (and people)!

After our last stop the car couldn't hold any more!

First we dropped off all over our great supplies to the Chester Co SPCA. They were so grateful for all the wonderful sheets, blankets, doggie bed, & other animal stuff. They are really in need of those items right now!

Then we went to drop our cans off at the Chester County food Bank....

I had to make 4 trips!! This was all the bags right after they went thru the security check point.....

We needed a dolly to make it to the third floor!

Thanks sooo very much to; Boomer, Bubba, Mia, Zoe, Lexi, Zoe (both Zoes!), Ray, Kris, Grayson, Daisy Mae and Patte! You guys made the first ever food & pet supply drive a big success!

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.  ~Mother Teresa