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This is our adorable little dog Maggie-pie. After the death of our beloved dog Nockie I vowed never to go though that again, but ten months later I began to realise something was missing form our lives, my daughter started to look on line for a rescue dog and she found Furry Friends. They are a small rescue that deals with unwanted, unloved, abused, ill treated, animals. On their site was a photo of a little dog called Tinkerbelle, Furry Friends had rescued her from the dog pound heavily in pup and due to be put to sleep as nobody had claimed her. They took her in and she was in a foster home while she had her puppies and so they could assess her for rehoming. We took one look at her photo and decided to give them a call to see if they would consider us as her adopters. Furry Friends invited us to see her, she was gorgeous. Furry Friends then assessed us to see if we were suitable, and I am pleased to say they let us have her. We have had her for nearly five months now, we did change her name to Maggie but we are so glad we have this friendly beautiful addition to our family. If any one is looking to rescue an animal please go to Furry Friends as they are always looking for adopters for all their animals and you really could make some dog's day...........and give them a forever home.
Linda x Foley x and Maggie x



I adopted 3 6 week old rats from you in July / August this year.  Shilo, Spurs and Harry are wonderful, happy, healthy boys who have obviously been well socialised from a early age.  They have settled in well with a couple of older boys and I am completely smitten with them. Thanks


 Hi Emma,

When I adopted Lilly and Lucy (two female rabbits) all went exceedingly smoothly.

I said I was interested but lived too far away and you said that was a problem you could probably deal with. I was too far away for you to pop round and do a home visit so you got me to send pics and dimensions of housing and asked about how I feed and kept my rabbits.

You warned me about the girls reputation for escaping from wooden hutches and asked what I would put in place for them.

You got help with getting them to me and so now I have made two friends as Claire and Gerri came and brought the girls to me. I was pleased to hear Gerri and Claire's reaction which was " I can tell they are going to be ok here." It is like a happy clappy zoo here. My little feral puss is rubbing round the dog as I type lol

You had  the girls vetted, vaccinated and neutered which was fantastic.

They came with vacs cards and adoption papers.

I paid by paypal which was convenient.

You are very direct when dealing with people Emma so we know what you want. You are passionate about the animals so I know you expect only the best from the people who adopt them.

I felt it all to be honest, no messing and get the job done efficiently. Brilliant!

The bunnies seem very happy here. They now greet regular visitors.
 I took them to school with me last week and I thought they may be scared and want to hide somewhere but NO! They were little stars and loved the children. I took some great pics and have now written an article for a Rabbit mag which is going ok and subject to gaining all the permissions, most of which I have got now from those featured in the article, it  will be published in a future issue.

Any way You were brilliant and I would recommend you to other would be pet owners.
Bye for now
Anne and pets


My two house bunnies, Eddie and Harriet, came from Furry Friends and they are the most wonderful rabbits:  I wouldn't dream of buying a rabbit when some 45,000 go into rescue each year. I was really pleased that Anna was able to provide accurate assessments of the bunnies' characters and that she oversaw the bonding process, firstly between our late Isabella, who had lost her sister and was paired with Eddie and then, when sadly Isabella died, of pairing Eddie with Harriet. The fact that they had already been neutered was also appreciated, as bonding could not have occurred otherwise. I feel that Furry Friends provides a brilliant service which benefits both bunnies and those who adopt them. It is also good keeping in touch with Furry Friends through Facebook and knowing that if there was a problem then knowledgeable advice is readily available.
Best regards
Carol Boxall