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Saucony Women's Pro Grid Guide 5 Running Shoe,White/Silver/Blue,10 M US
Saucony Women's Pro Grid Guide 5 Running Shoe,White/Silver/Blue,10 M US
Saucony's go-to training shoe for runners seeking lightweight stability, the Guide 5 arrives a full 42.5 grams lighter than its predecessor version! For years, the Guide has been made with a 12mm heel-to-toe offset, and runners love them. So why would we change them to 8mm? Because the same runners who've worn them for years now love them even more. The New updates include: A superior lining material that has great moisture wicking properties as well as a plush hand feel. Designed with an 8mm offset to allow an easier transition for less impact. This is the big new story for the Guide 5, making you land more in the midfoot area.

Guide Dogs Victoria
Guide Dogs Victoria
Guide Dogs Victoria’s Public Education Co-ordinator, Joan Smith, and her dog, Benson, pictured during a visit to Monash University's Gippsland campus to provide medical students with insight to the challenges faced by people with a visual impairment.
Forum for the Futur a Marrakech
Forum for the Futur a Marrakech
Marrakech:Ouverture du Forum du Futur en presence d'Hillary Clinton.et M Taib Fassi-Fihri Ministre des affaires etrangeres du Maroc.© William Stevens