Summer 2013 Update

Recently, Fur Cultural Revival has been going through some changes. We would like to keep you all updated.

Over the last four years, Fur Cultural Revival has seen a lot of successes in our efforts to educate the public about the ongoing Genocide in Sudan. We have organized monthly rallies in Portland. We created a national Peace in Sudan rally in DC at The White House which attracted the attention of both the President and the UN. We helped organize the rallies for free and fair elections in South Sudan and help organize the victory celebration in Portland, the largest in the US. We have provided organization for the largest organized Sudanese refugee population in the US. Most importantly, we have organized lectures by El-Fadel Arbab from Presque Isle to Colorado, speaking to thousands of students throughout this country about Genocide. El-Fadel has received many awards and recognitions for his work. We are very grateful to the many volunteers and contributors who have made this possible. We could not have done this without you.

Unfortunately, we have been less successful at fundraising. Most of our income has gone to rent, computer repairs, and business expenses. As such, we have gone through  homelessness and hunger trying to advance this work.

Without salary, we are forced to seek full time work to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. We will be unable to fulfill lectures and keep up with correspondence. We will be very limited in our ability to provide organization and support for the local Sudanese community. We ask for your patience and understanding in these matters.

The day to day operations are largely done by 2 individuals. We have been seeking a stipend salary of $100/week each in order to continue this work. We feel that the work is important, and would be eager to renew our efforts if the interest is great enough. If anybody reading this knows of an individual or organization who would like to financially support our efforts, please send them our way. We don’t want this work to end.

We are also facing a lot of problems with our office space and we are looking for an inexpensive location to move to soone in Portland. Please let us know if you have any ideas.

Thank you all for your support of our work. We hope to be back at 100% soon.

Fur Cultural Revival

P.S.  All donations to the Fur Cultural Revival are tax deductible. Please consider making a donation by check to the: 

Fur Cultural Revival
P. O. Box 5279
Portland ME 04101

For further information  call El Fadel at 207-221-5197 or at elfadelfcr@gmail.com.
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