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Googlebomb  A link campaign trying to discredit a group, company or person. Repeated links with the same link text are used to connect a negative Google search to a certain web page.

Googlebot  This software program crawls (or “spiders”) the web for content. The content is indexed and later appears in Google search results.

Googlebowling  A rumored black-hat methodology to hurt a competitor’s website through a link campaign.

Googledance  Noticeable updates to the structure of the Google result rankings. (Some major “Google updates” are even given names, like “Google Florida.”)

Googlefight  Putting two search queries against each other to see which one returns the highest page count on the Google results page.

Googlejuice  The popularity that makes a web page appear high in Google search results. For example, “to give someone Googlejuice” can mean to link to someone (because a link to another page increases its value in the eyes of Google). A site which has “a lot of Googlejuice” is usually a web page with a high PageRank.

Googleplex  The Mountain View headquarters of Google Inc.

Googler  An employee of Google Inc. (a Noogler on the other hand is a new Google employee, and a Xoogler is an Ex-Google employee).

Googlewhack  Finding only a single result using two words from the dictionary.

Googlosophy  The science of all things Google.

Googol  A 1 followed by 100 zeroes. The Google founders often quote this word as origin of how they came up with the word “Google.”

IP  Often a shorthand for Internet Protocol address, meaning the uniquely identifiable number your computer has when you’re online.

Meme  On the web, this refers to an idea that quickly spreads from one site to another, virus-like.

Meta search  A search engine which itself uses other search engines to determine its results.