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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

Best of Cats

Search for: funny cats

You might find: A “best of” collection of funny cat clips that made its way around the internet.

The Star Wars Kid

Search for: star wars kid

You might find: A now famous amateur movie of a Jedi solo battle performed by an overachieving teen. (This was one of the many “memes” which took off at Andy Baio’s

American Idols

Search for: american idol

You might find: Amateur singers, once again – including two-week wonder William Hung who said, “I want to make music my living.”

Enter the Matrix

Search for: matrix ping pong

You might find: Two table tennis players in an amazing Matrix-like match.

Jerry Springer Talk Shows

Search for: jerry springer

You might find: “Darling, I’m a man, and not a woman” – clips taken from the infamous talk show which often happens to be more about fighting than talking.

Strange Weather Forecasts

Search for: weatherman

Also search for: weather man

You might find: Public broadcasts of rapping and dancing weather men. Or  a weather man who suddenly starts swearing at Fox.