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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.


Search for: family guy

Or search for: simpsons...

You might find: Short funny clips from the TV shows… like the Kool Aid Man making a surprise entrance.

Martial Arts

Search for: karate

Or search for: jiu jitsu... tae kwon do... judo... boxing... martial arts

You might find: Amateur recordings of martial arts performances or trainings. There’s also an incredible Karate chimp waiting for you.

Napoleon Dynamite

Search for: napoleon dynamite

You might find: People dancing the dance from the end of the movie “Napoleon Dynamite” (some while wearing “Vote for Pedro” shirts). You can also see the “real” Napoleon Dynamite, Jon Heder, promoting the Utah State Fair. And then there’s “Jamison Dynamite: The Return of the Star Wars Geek.” (A similar dance to the one Napoleon performed can be found searching for “Spiderman dancing,” by the way.)

Amateur Singing

Search for: karaoke

You might find: Badly sung songs.

The Numa Numa Song

Search for: numa numa

You might find: Parodies of the parody of the “Numa numa” song by O-Zone.