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Google Rhyming

An advanced variant of this game is to write poetry in rhymes. To write a Google rhyme, start off with any sentence. Like “I’m writing a book on love.” Now you need to find the next line in Google, but it must rhyme on love. So you take a rhyme dictionary ( and check what rhymes on “love.” You’ll find the words “dove,” “glove,” “shove,” “above” and more. Now you replace all words in the original line except for “love” with the wildcard character asterisk “*” and search Google using quotes. In our case:

The first line is: “I’m writing a book on love”
So we search for: “* * * * * above”

This returns, among other lines, “room rates for the Inn Above.” So with some creative words in-between we get:

I’m writing a book on love
And room rates for the inn above

... and we continue this approach until the poem is finished.