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55 Ways to Have Fun With Google. Go to Table of Contents. Visit Gifcom.

It’s crazy, because these will just write themselves since I’ve spent so much time thinking about them.
Language, metaphor, sentences out of nowhere, as if this miracle is something more – religious, blinding.
A rectangular matrix is populated with these words in random positions and directions.
Not Matrix the movie. I wish I hadnt given them my money.
The Matrix – that is, the world.

Our World, Your World, Europe in the Service of Globalisation with a Human Face.
This is not the “old Europe,” as Rumsfeld says.
Come on, Rumsfeld is right – freedom is untidy!
(Everything I know I plagiarized in high school.)
Google is just so smart. Conversions, phone number lookups.
Real live conversations that surround me all day.

Every sentence you read or book that you flip through will affect your writing, just as every place you go and lesson you learn adds to the whole of your person.
Not only Google but also specialist search engines – plus the ones in between like Teoma.
I’m using quotes here a bit cynically.
Now I’ve written myself into a corner. At the heart of these “revelations” is truth. Yes, I’m using quotes.
Google this, Google that, Google Google Google.

(Google this, Google that. Is it always the best search engine? No.
For past two months, all we have heard is Google and nothing else in Silicon Valley.
Search engines are not the only means whereby people find sites.)

How else do you think the Dolphins escaped the Vogons?
Humanity needs to understand the Universe to survive. How many of us actually realize the importance of the present moment in the human history?
Humanity needs to know!
Humanity needs to make fundamental changes in how they live in, relate to and understand the world.

Just like dolphins we are of like mind and yet very individual in what each of us brings to the pod.
As living beings, we are woven into the web of life, just as all other life forms are woven into that web.
We are pure energy and totally interconnected with other living beings.