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A Strange Google Journey

(This is a free speech.
All sentences are quoted...
By using Google’s search engine.
Everything I’ve found using Google.
Every single sentence I write from now on.
Just copy the line and paste it in your browser.
In occasional spots I’ve adjusted punctuation and paragraph breaks for greater clarity.
Every line belongs to one person.
Every line belongs to one organization.
Remember these are all true quotes.
Including the headline of the article.
Including this first paragraph.
I know you can google it yourself. Sometimes we lack in content, but we compensate with style.)

So, what is the meaning of life, really?
And are blogs going to ‘usurp’ big media?
(Big Media – as in ‘Big Media, the homogenous monolith’.)
You realize, of course, that this may be the most dangerous part of our journey. Or any journey you’ve ever taken.
And so the Google journey began.